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Welcome to THE WESTERN FRONT MUSEUM FOUNDATION. One of the few Dutch (for the time being virtual) museums fully dedicated to the First World War.
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The Western Front Museum Foundation can always use new additions for its collection. If you think you can help us please drop us a line. Donations of any kind always welcome.

Spamming and illegal use of our domain name westernfront.nl:

The Western Front Museum Foundation does not support spamming and never sends spams. Our domain westernfront.nl has nothing to do with the spams that you might receive in your mailbox and which seem to originate from westernfront.nl such as:

Call 1-800-591-7751 ext:101
Rich O. P. O. Box 992 Farmington, CT 06032
A. Torindo P.O. Box 231 Unionville, CT 06085
J. Haviaras P.O. Box 22449 Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
C. Bernerd P.O. Box 319 Kure Beach, NC 28449
Mike W. P.O. Box 297 Kure Beach, NC 28449
....among others involved with spamming.

If you have received SPAM with a "From" address in the westernfront.nl domain, it DID NOT come from westernfront.nl. However, it might come from a company called Bay Marketing which has specialized in spamming...

Using another company's domain name in any way is highly ILLEGAL. We from The Western Front Museum will initiate legal actions to stop this kind of activity. One day spammers may be found to be liable for their actions (we live in hope). To that end: if you are a spammer and you forge From addresses purporting to be in the westernfront.nl domain, your actions in doing so constitute your agreement to pay compensation to the owners of the westernfront.nl domain at a rate of $100 per email sent with such a forged From address.

About the museum:

What started as a hobby 40 years ago has grown over the years into a neat collection of partly World War battlefield relics (all properly cleaned and well preserved), items which have been personally retrieved from the various battlefield in Europe. The last couple of years we managed to acquire several unique pieces, which made us think that perhaps the whole collection should be visible to a wider audience. The collection is solely dedicated to the First World War, and with most of the displayed items of Western Front origin what better name to think of than that of The Western Front Museum Foundation (registered by notarial deed on the 29th. May 2000).


Our mission:

To collect, preserve and exhibit every era-related item (military as well as civilian), and save it for future generations. Not to glorify war in anyway, but more as monument to those who experienced this terrible ordeal firsthand.
To serve not only as a living memory, to those who fought for their country and the many people who lost their life in this terrible conflict, but also to educate future generations.


First issue of our own bi-annual 
publication THE TRENCH has been 
launched on the 1st. November 2001.
Don't miss it. Check out this 
link for details.


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Member of the N.V.B.M.B. (Dutch branch of the European Cartridge Research Association)
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